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The Erotic Life of Racism: Dr. Sharon Holland

August 31st, 2013 · Comments Off on The Erotic Life of Racism: Dr. Sharon Holland

The Intimate Public Sphere: Thinking Through the Skin
Sept. 23, 4-5pm Liu Institute Multipurpose Room


The Erotic Life of Racism

Dr. Sharon P. Holland
Associate Professor,
English and African & African American Studies,
Duke University

 This talk builds upon The Erotic Life of Racism (Duke University Press, 2012) – a project that specifically interrogates the relationship among African Americanist, Queer studies and Critical Race theorists. It makes a major contribution to these fields by tracing the very thorny question of the place of “race” at the table of ideas in what has become to be known as queer theory. The book is a wholly theoretical project that invests itself in articulating where and when queer theory borrows from critical race theory and how this borrowing also intersects with queer theory’s roots in feminist studies. What I want to think through in this lecture is the how, why and when of the project by speaking specifically to the various theoretical and experiential roads that led me to the work.


Dr. Sharon P. Holland is the author of Raising The Dead: Readings Of Death And (Black) Subjectivity (Duke UP, 2000), which won the Lora Romero First Book Prize from the American Studies Association (ASA 2002). She is also co-author of Crossing Waters/Crossing Worlds: The African Diaspora in Indian Country (Duke University Press, 2006) and author of The Erotic Life of Racism (Duke University Press, 2012), a theoretical project that explores the intersection of Critical Race, Feminist, and Queer Theory.

Co-sponsored by Jane Rule Endowment, CSIS, and the Global Queer Research Group, Liu Institute

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