UBC Broadcast E-mail: Update from the President on new RCMP information | Chinese Translation

On Tuesday Professor Toope sent out a message to the UBC community regarding new RCMP information related to the sexual assaults on the Vancouver campus. As safety is a top priority for UBC, and as more than 1/3rd of the student population at UBC Vancouver speak Cantonese or Mandarin, we wanted to ensure the full meaning of the message is understood and reaches all our students. Professor Toope’s message has been translated to Simplified Chinese (below). Please feel free to share this with students, faculty and staff who might benefit from the translation.





近日来校园内频频发生的性骚扰案件无疑令人不安,如果你有任何顾虑,需要与人沟通,请不要犹豫,尽管联系UBC, RCMP 或 AMS 的咨询服务,联系方式可以在以下网址找到。(http://www.ubc.ca/staysafe)






Stephen Toope

English is available about the cut.

Dear members of UBC’s Vancouver campus community:

Today UBC joined the RCMP for a press conference that revealed new, disturbing
information about the spate of sexual assaults on our Vancouver campus.

This is a time of stress for everyone in our community and I, like you, am
extremely concerned by these developments. I am grateful to the RCMP who have
made this a top priority. Their investigation is critical to restoring the
safety of our campus and UBC is working closely with them to solve this
crime. If you have information that could help the RCMP in their
investigation, I urge you to contact them (1-800-222-TIPS).

We are working with our campus leaders – staff, faculty and students – to
continue enhanced campus security and increase support for our campus
community. This is now our number one priority, and we are mobilizing all
necessary resources to this end.

This latest news will no doubt be frightening to many of you, so if you feel
you need to talk, please do not hesitate to make use of the UBC, AMS and RCMP
counselling services listed on our new safety web site

This new central web site will provide you with the latest information, safety
tips and campus resources all in one hub.

In the days to come, until the alleged perpetrator is apprehended, I ask you to
be extra vigilant. Make sure you have the information you need to stay
safe. The ultimate choice is yours, but the RCMP is advising you not to walk
alone after dark. Please look out for each other.

But above all, I believe this is not a time to give in to anxiety. This is a
time to rally in support of one another, stand up against violence, and live
out our commitment to a dynamic learning community free from fear.

Tell us what we can do better. Voice your concerns and take steps to make
others feel safe during your daily activities.
We will get through this, together.

Stephen J. Toope
President and Vice-Chancellor

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