Hi everyone! My name is Xiaojing(or Syau-jing) Huang, you can call me Jojo. I was born in China and came to Vancouver threes year ago for the BCS Second Degree program, and I am now in my last semester for that program. Before coming to Canada, I got a bachelor’s degree in accounting in my hometown Fuzhou and worked for one year in Shanghai as a management consultant.

A lot of my friends asked why I quit my job as a management consultant and come to Canada for another bachelor’s degree, and actually the reason came from my job in Shanghai. During that period, I have visited many enterprises from different industries and discussed with them about the way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their enterprise process, and I noticed that the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and data analysis technique are taking more and more important roles, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises in China. I have passion to go deeper into these areas and believe another computer science degree will be beneficial to my goal. And lucky, I became a Co-op intern in SAP Vancouver last year, which gave me a chance to have a closer look on the process and strategy of the top ERP provider in the world. Thank UBC so much for providing the awesome program and the great opportunity!

In my spare time, I like to be with the nature. I really enjoying the beautiful scenery in Vancouver, and in this summer, I went hiking, camping or picnic almost every long weekend. Besides, I also enjoy exercise. I like playing table tennis with my friend on weekend. Moreover, there is free community tennis court near my apartment, and I plan to start learning tennis in the near future. I hope it can be my next favorite sport!


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