Progress Report for Expanding the Customer Base for Futian Dumpling Restaurant


To: Dr. Erika Paterson, Instructor of English 301

From: Jojo (Syau-jing Huang), Student of English 301

Date: November 16, 2019

Subject: Progress Report for Expanding the Customer Base for Futian Dumpling Restaurant

I am writing this memo to inform you about the progress. I have made on my formal report about expanding the customer base for Futian Dumpling Restaurant. This progress report introduces the target audience and purpose of the report, as long as the research plan and writing schedule. I also attached documents of my interview questions for both of the owner of Futian Dumpling Restaurant and the food-ordering related employees from local companies, and survey questions for both vegetarian/vegan and non-vegetarian people in my network.


The target audience for this report is Ms. Alan Song, who is the owner of Futian Dumpling Restaurant located in Boundary Road and Kingsway area in Vancouver, BC. Ms. Song is in charge of making all kinds of decisions for the restaurant, so if she finds that the suggestions about adding vegan foods in the formal report analysis are feasible, she can decide to change the menu.


The purpose of this report is to investigate whether adding vegan foods can help the Futian Dumpling Restaurant extend their customer base and gain profit. At the same time, this report will also explore a suitable way for the restaurant to provide vegan foods for different kinds of customers, including normal customers and nearby companies who want to order group meals for their employees.


This investigation is important to Ms. Song as it can help to determine whether to refine the restaurant’s menu and how to improve the menu. As there are many well-known Asian food restaurants in Boundary Road and Kingsway area, maintaining a new and small restaurant in that area is competitive and challenging. The outcome of this report will provide recommendations for expanding the customer base while reducing the pressures of management and providing delicious handmade Chinese dumplings for the neighbourhood.

Research Plan

  • Research the vegetarian and vegan cultures in Canada
  • Talk with Ms. Song about the current status of the restaurant (food preparation process, her opinions of providing vegan foods)
  • Interview with 2 facilities coordinators from local companies (for offline and online ordering) about their group meal ordering process
  • Survey people in my network about the factors of choosing a restaurant in different situations
  • Design form and visual to depict the survey response
  • Analyze the relationship between providing vegan foods and get chose by different kinds of customers
  • Analyze and propose a possible way for the Futian Dumpling Restaurant to provide vegans foods

Writing Schedule

  • November 12-13: Research online about the vegetarian and vegan culture of Canada
  • November 14: Talk with the owner of the restaurant for the current status and basic information of the restaurant
  • November 23: Interview facilities coordinators from local companies Arista Network and Splunk Service Canada
  • November 24-26: Survey the people in my network, sort out and analyze the survey results
  • November 27: Analyze the results from both interviews and survey, conclude the relationship
  • November 28: Propose a possible way for vegan foods providing in the dumpling restaurant
  • December 4: Complete draft of the formal report
  • December 19: Formal report due

Thanks for reading my progress report. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Formal Report Proposal

Formal Report Outline

Formal Report Survey Questions (Draft)

Formal Report Interview Questions (Draft)

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