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Upcoming Talk at MSA 17: “Exilic Modernism, the Culture Industry and California”

stahl house (case study house #22)

MSA 17, Boston MA, Nov. 2015

Panel : Locating Popular Modernisms:  Medium, Discipline, Place

Organizer: Paul Peppis

Analyzing three particularly rich—and neglected—cases of modernist encounters and exchanges with popular forms of cultural production during the first half of the twentieth century, our panel interrogates the critical categories and cultural boundaries that have for too long conditioned and limited understandings of relations between modernism and the popular.  Together, our papers chart a vital and variegated cultural field in which cultural forms and producers “high” and “low,” modern and mass mingled and mixed promiscuously and productively, generating distinctive and important artworks and cultural products at once popular and modern.


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