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I will confess that I have some difficulties to realize that we are at the end of the year. The end of the year also means for me the end of my exchange year and my return to France! I will definitely miss Vancouver and the way of learning in Canada. Indeed, in France the courses are more based on theoretical analysis. Actually, I really enjoy to explore concepts throughout the studies of different kind of texts (essays, speeches, narratives,..). I also found really interesting that we have to write a blog. Indeed, I think that it encourage the discussion. Similarly, I really like discussing about the readings in class in small group.

However, even if I assume that all the texts were interesting, I think that some readings were a little too long. In fact, I have the impression that in course, we do not have enough time to discuss deeply all the concepts of the texts. Moreover, I would have enjoyed to have more background about the readings, because I guess that, contrary to many people in the class, I do not know a lot about the social and political history of Latin America.

Anyway, I particularly enjoyed reading the text of Rowe William and Vivian Schelling because I assume that it deeply stresses the impact of modernization on the popular culture.

Finally, I think that the course was really interested. Now, I feel like to learning more not only about popular culture in Latin America but also about history of Latin America.

Anyway.. Happy holydays everyone and Good luck for you exams!


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