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Firs of all sorry for the delay… again. We’ll I dont really know where to start with this blog. I took this blog because, as this is -hopefully- my last term at UBC, I wanted to study things that I am curious about. When I read the title of the course, I really really really wanted to see how we could cover an entire region of the world in 12 weeks. It was soon obvious that was not the case, that instead we were going to learn some general theories that could be applied to almost every latin american country one way or another.

The first part of the course was really interesting for me, this is because I really enjoyed discussing this theories with the rest of the class. It was ‘cool’ to see how ‘outsiders’ would interpret a theory regarding the region. Also, I learned a bunch of theoretical stuff that I didnt even know exited. The mid-term project was also an eye-opener in the sense that it ‘forced’ me to look for infiltrations of popular latin american culture into the everyday Canadian life. Yet, this blog thing was by far the best for me. Though I had a hard time keeping up with it at the end, it was always good to write down a couple of thoughts and a great way to see what others were thinking about. In many other classes one only gets to know what the outspoken are thinking regarding the issue at hand, and this was not the case for LAST 201.

In terms of the content, I really enjoyed the last second half of the course with all the examples and videos. It was cool to analyze things that just a few years ago where part of the ‘background’. Yet, even better was being able to connect this things to previous unknown theories or literary works.

I hope you all enjoyed the course as much as I did. Thank you Jon

I’m out… for good this time :)


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