Hello world!

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Hey LAST 201….I’m technologically challenged, and definitely not as Canadian as Kirran (sp?) but glad to be in a class where I can laugh.  Refreshing…Hope this blogging thing goes well.  Uhh…over and out.

Jessica’s Bio

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Hello all!
My name is Jessica Traynor, a fourth year undergraduate in my first year of GRS (going for a couple victory laps..). My region of study is Latin America and my interest is in nutrition and food politics.
It was a long journey for me to end up where I am today. I first was interested […]


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Hola a todos. Me llamo Sebastian y este es mi 3er ano en la universidad. Soy de Peru y mi major es ciencias politicas. Me gusta jugar futbol (soccer), tocar guitarra y tomar mucha cerveza :DSalud!!

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