Does chatGPT “know” about Learning Analytics? Let’s find out! (Dec 21, 2023)

This month’s LAVA meeting will even be more informal than most – but for those of you online before the holidays, I couldn’t not have at least one chatGPT themed LAVA session to wrap up 2023. My question is – what does chatGPT “know” about Learning Analytics? Let’s find out!

Image adapted from:!?file=HSACWDTK%3FDTKT%3FLFO%21%21.png

Homework: send me (or prepare) your prompts – what questions would you ask to find out what chatGPT “knows” about Learning Analytics? Are you an expert in a particular area of Learning Analytics – what is something you would consider “common knowledge” at this point – we will see if chatGPT gets it right.

In the session we will review the prompts, see what chatGPT comes up with, and evaluate the responses.

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