About LAVA

We are a group of researchers, staff and students working in the fields of learning analytics, learning sciences, education research, visual analytics, data visualization or some combination of these fields. We are especially interested in using visual analytics, statistical analysis and/or data mining approaches to try to explore large sets of data about students, teaching, or learning, to try to better

“understand and optimize learning and the environments in which learning occurs”
(see SoLAR)

We meet informally every other week to share ideas and work in progress, to brainstorm over problem data sets, to learn from each other about new techniques or approaches, or to discuss recently published work in the field. Group members take it in turn to lead sessions or present work. Occasionally we invite guest speakers.

New members are always welcome, please get in touch!

Where to find us: we have moved online for the time being. To be added to the LAVA-list where you will receive the Zoom link for meetings, please contact Alison Myers (alison.myers@ubc.ca)

Where to find us: In winter 2020 (January – April), we will meet every other Tuesday from 1-2pm,  in DL-011 (David Lam room 11, in the basement beneath Triple O’s see David Lam Learning Centre (Wayfinding at UBC)) unless otherwise noted.

We occasionally use other venues, however, we will include this information in the session posts.

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