KDU diagram showing Learning at the Center

Welcome to our UBC Teacher Education Practicum resource site to support planning for the British Columbia Curriculum. This site provides tips and resources for planning and preparing learning experiences for your practicum and for when you enter the teaching profession.

During your coursework, you will be introduced to context and subject-specific considerations for planning. You may be provided with specific templates or planning structures recommended or required for you to use. It is important to recognize that planning is a pedagogical activity and not simply a matter of filling boxes on a template. As you engage in coursework, with readings, activities, discussions and assignments, you will develop a stronger sense of what makes an effective learning experience or ‘unit’ of study for your students. Remember to apply this knowledge to your practicum planning and use these resources if you wish to support your developing understanding and ability.

Navigating this Site via the Main Menu

Planning for Learning:

  • this is the starting point or orientation to planning for BC Curriculum. You’ll find an introduction to the Core Competencies, Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies and Content that make up the BC Curriculum.
  • Use the drop down menu to learn more about “Big Picture” or Unit planning, “Unique Experiences” or Lesson Planning, as well as some tips for day and week planning.

Tips and Resources:

  • Click the Tips and Resource menu to see all posts in the blog.
    • You can also select directly from the Categories list on the right side of the blog.
    • You’ll find a variety of resources including:
      • templates and examples for lesson and unit planning
      • assessment resources
      • inclusive learning resources
      • Indigenous education resources
        • and more!

A note about BC curriculum: The BC curriculum emphasizes a shift from planning a single subject unit with learning objectives and prescribed learning outcomes to a more connected approach specific to your students’ learning needs. Planning occurs using the curriculum model—Content, Curricular Competencies and Big Ideas. Used alone or in any combination, they are what students are expected to know, do, and understand. The KDU model can be used as you plan your unit overviews and can be especially helpful as a starting point in planning (so that you are aligning the curriculum with your unit objectives and assessments).

*If you have any questions or can’t find a resource you’re seeking, please reach out by email to: scarfe.sandbox@ubc.ca and our Learning Design Manager or one of our peer mentors will be in touch.