$1000 education award from Holstein Canada

Each year, Holstein Canada awards 6 students across Canada for their achievements in farm involvement, academic studies, work experience, youth program involvement, and future career choices. For more information, please click on the poster and application form below.


  1. must be a regular or junior member of Holstein Canada, or a son/daughter of a member.
  2. must have completed at least one year of university/college (or Cégep in Québec)
  3. must submit an official, original transcript (faxed and photocopied submissions will not be accepted) and a copy of your resume, including reference list
  4. must be returning to school within the calendar year
  5. Submissions may be typed on the pages provided or made via Holstein Canada’s web site, www.holstein.ca.

Selection and Notification:

Six bursaries of $750 will be awarded as such: Western Canada (1), Ontario (2), Quebec (2) and Atlantic Canada (1).

Consideration will be given to each category as follows:

  • 30 points, farm involvement & work experience
  • 30 points, youth program involvement
  • 20 points, career choice
  • 20 points, points scholastic record

Other accomplishments may influence the Selection Committee in the event of a close decision.

Winners will be notified immediately upon the Committee’s decision in December. A general announcement will be made through the Info Holstein publication at a later date.

Application Deadline:

The completed application along with required documents, must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday, November 29, 2013. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm receipt with Holstein Canada.


Janet Walker
tel: 519-756-8300 ext 267
fax: 519-756-9982
e-mail: jwalker@holstein.ca

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