Mar 17: 2014 LFS FROSH Planning Committee Positions – Apply now!

The LFS|US is looking for the help of LFS students with the planning process of the third annual LFS Frosh. The event is an opportunity to welcome incoming first year students to the faculty in this social, daylong event. The day will consist of various activities to allow first years to gain a sense of belonging within the faculty, to provide an opportunity to learn and grow as a student, and to network and bond with both first year and upper year level students within LFS.

The following Frosh Planning Committee positions are available:

 • 2 Sponsorship coordinators

• 2 Human Resources Managers

• 2 Events Coordinators

• 2 Logistics Coordinators

• 1 Webmaster

• 1 Marketing Coordinator


The specifics of each position can be found here

Applications are now available:

Please apply from March 6 to March 17
and interviews will take place from March 17- March 21.

If you have any further questions about any of the positions, please email Katie and Stephanie at

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