Food Matters: Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa, Feb 6

Food Matters: Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Come hear from various students on the innovative ways in which the youth is contributing to Food Security in their communities in Africa.

While food insecurity remains a development challenge on the African continent, significant progress has been made in the past decade to alleviate this issue. A major share of this progress can be attributed to the youth living in these countries, who are often marginalized in the decision making and policy formulation processes. Consequently, young people have adopted creative and innovative methods in food production and distribution to fend for themselves and the communities around them.

In this forum, the panelists (African MFRE graduate students + 1 professor) will be sharing some of these stories and case studies, and discussing the various dimensions of food security in Africa. An emphasis will be placed on celebrating the successes and developing solutions. This will be followed by a general discussion with the audience on more ways in which the youth can further contribute to achieving this development goal.  Maureen Gitata, a MasterCard Foundation Scholar in the Faculty of Land and food System’s MFRE program, will be leading the conversation about food security from an African perspective and how youth have adopted creative methods to support their own communities.

This event will take place on Friday, February 6th at 2pm at the Global Lounge.


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