UBC Association of Professors Emeriti presents Research Day – April 14, 2015

The UBC Association of Professors Emeriti/ae has been working to facilitate and disseminate the continuing scholarly work of retired faculty who wish to remain engaged in academic pursuits consonant with the university’s mission. 

We are really excited about having our third research day, thanks to the PWIAS for hosting this event.   It is aimed at increasing awareness of the continuing contributions that emeriti/ae make to the university.

We have a terrific program, which reflects the broad range of research activities of retired faculty.  



UBC Association of Professors Emeriti


April 14, 2015

10:00 am to 12:30 pm

PWIAS Conference Room 207

Herb Rosengarten, English, UBC

Charlotte Bronte and the Critics

Martha Foschi, Anthropology and Sociology, UBC

Equivalent Performances, Different Conclusions: Overview and New Directions in Double-Standards Research

Pat McGeer, Chemistry, UBC

Discovery and Properties of Diaspirin

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