“Primary Sections” – BIOL 140 and BIOL 200 registration

For some courses, particularly BIOL 140 and BIOL 200, students must register into a primary section, a lecture section and a tutorial/lab section, if applicable.

For example, you should register into BIOL 140 sec 101 (in Term 1) or sec 201 (in Term 2) – there are no meetings times for these sections. Then register for a lab section (BIOL 140 sec 1XX) that fits your timetable. If there is no room in the lab section you prefer, try another section or if wait lists are available register on the wait list for that section (wait lists will not be released until all sections are full). If there is no room on the wait list, try another wait list section.

For BIOL 200, register into BIOL 200 sec 000 (no meeting time for this section), in a lecture section (101-105) and in a tutorial section (TXX). 

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