Attn Applied Animal Biology students – Vancouver School Board Mentorship opportunity

Want to make a difference in the life of a child, share your love of animals, have fun and give back?

Information about the program is found at under “mentors.” We ask that the mentors volunteer at least 10 hours with the student over a period of months helping him with a product. As we are dealing with young students there needs to be an orientation session, criminal record check and reference checks.

An example: ZOOLOGY – Seamus is a 12 year old in grade 7 who has always loved animals and is a keen observer of nature. He did a school project on cobras, wildcats and future animals and over the summer he explored the urban night wildlife in Vancouver and Halifax.  He enjoys Blue Planet and Planet Earth videos, walking and caring for his dog and looking out for new animals while hiking.  He would like to learn more about a specific animal, find out how to observe an animal and discover things about them from their bodies. Some questions he has for a mentor are: How do we learn about animals?  How do we know cats can see better in the dark, how far cougars jump, snakes taste the air or how fast fish swim? How do we lean about how animals learn? A mentor would give Seamus field experience, let him help with research on birds, reptiles, mammals but not spiders and introduce him to lab and or field studies. A mentor would enjoy working with Seamus because he is punctual, polite, eager to learn, interested in the topic and would respect the time the mentor gives to him. ​

Anyone interested may contact Teresa Milden at or check out the program at and sign up online.



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