2016 Student Leadership Conference – Call out for Presenters, due early Oct 2016

As a Presenter at the SLC, you have a great opportunity to inspire and motivate the many delegates that attend the Conference. Not only will you open the dialogue to many topics, but you can also help be the platform that will inspire action and change.

Workshop Presenter

We are inviting Undergraduate, Graduate, Alumni, Staff, and Faculty to present 50-minute workshops to widen our breadth of workshops and the individuals that the SLC will impact. Through this extended invitation, it is our aim to involve a vast range of views so that students gain as much knowledge and insight as possible.

Workshops play a vital role on the day of the SLC, as delegates are able to directly engage with new skills and ideas, allowing numerous networks to be developed and strengthened. Each of the workshops in this year’s SLC will be categorized into three streams, which are implemented to guide delegates to their most desired outcomes and learning experiences. This year there are three streams of workshops, they include:

  • Amplify – ‘Disrupting’ and Challenging the Self
  • Emerge – ‘Disrupting’ and Challenging Community and Norms
  • Dare – ‘Disrupting’ and Challenging Beyond our Immediate Communities

Workshop applications are due on October 11th, 2016 at 11:59pm.

Highlighted Projects Presenter

Highlighted Project Presenters can share their initiatives through the SLC website and on the day of the conference. Presenters have the opportunity to hone their public speaking, facilitation and networking skills while receiving feedback from a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. It is an opportunity for presenters to engage and connect with delegates in a meaningful way.

Highlighted Projects Presenters will discuss the actions and impact of their organization since its establishment, their next steps, and how to get involved during a 50 minute session.

Highlighted Project applications are due on October 6th at 11:59pm.

For more information about both presenter opportunities and how to apply, please visit the Student Leadership Conference website.

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