Research Inspiring Students Engagement (RISE) Dinner – Oct 26, 2016

Interested in research? Networking? Speaking with professors and graduate students? Or just exploring your options? Then come to RISE, the Research Inspiring Students Engagement Dinner.

Professors and graduate students from different LFS disciplines will be presenting a snapshot of their research, giving advice, and sharing their stories. From human nutrition and animal welfare to soil science and wine science, there will be a ton to learn at this event brought to you by LFS|US and the LFS ACE Team.

Where: Macmillan Room 158

When: Oct 26 fromĀ 4pm to 6pm

The cost of the event itself is free if you don’t plan to stay for the dinner, or if you bring your own meal. Alternatively, if you wish to have a delicious, home-made, and healthy meal made by the Wednesday Night Dinner Team, the cost is just $5!

To find out more information about this event, click here.


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