Lights on the Roof Info Session – Nov 4, 2016

Are you interested in community, art, and pubilic space? If yes then we want to meet you! Let’s turn your ideas into a reality and showcase your art at our ‘Lights on the Roof’ lantern festival this December 2nd! We want to connect with passionate individuals interested in art and support them in developing + implementing a vision for a temporary public art piece at ‘Lights on the Roof ‘. At the info famjam we will provide information about Roots on the Roof, ‘Lights on the Roof’, the process of developing a ‘Lights on the Roof’ installation, and the opportunity to ask questions. There will also be time to brainstorm possible ideas and an optional Lantern Workshop idea jam session afterwards.

The purpose of ‘Lights on the Roof’ , where the art installations will be featured, is to showcase the garden as a place that not only produces food, but also as a place for community, art, and culture. This event will take place on the AMS Nest Rooftop Patio on December 2nd to bring together community, art, culture, and food!

Before this event, attend an Info Session on November 4th from 5-7pm at the AMS Student Nest 4th Floor Rooftop Patio / room 4304. 

To learn more about this event, please visit the Facebook event page.

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