Permaculture Design Certification Course 2017S – July 1 – 19, 2017

Permaculture Design Certification Course@ UBC Farm 2017

Presented by the Conscious Design Collective

With support from the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and the University of British Columbia.

July 1st – July 19th, 2017 | UBC Farm, Vancouver City & Surrounding Bio-region

Permaculture is an holistic method of design leading to establishing a “permanent culture” guided by grounded ethics, principles and design practices.  It considers the whole system at multiple levels of scale through the intelligent integration of social, economic, land, water, plants, and shelter sub-systems.  Using Permaculture can lead to the design and implementation of self-sustaining, regenerative systems that “do good” for both human kind AND the Earth.

Topics Include:

  • How to read the opportunities and needs of a landscape.
  • How to designfor resilient catchment and water supply systems systems including ponds, swales, drip irrigation planning, keyline systems, and water catchment.
  • How and why to build soil, plan amendments, avoid erosion and produce good food.
  • How to manage animals in urban and rural environments.
  • How to make a food forest (design, management, implementation).
  • How to designfor energy efficient homes and communities.
  • How to live better with less stuff.
  • How to designfor sustainable small and large places (room, home, village, region).
  • What are the invisible structures that govern the relationships between the environment and economics and us.
  • How to communicate designideas with hand graphics and models.
  • How to listen, speak and facilitate in community settings.
  • Horticultural techniques (propagation, grafting, efficient weeding and planting).
  • The practice, science and philosophy of Natural building (cob, earthen plaster).
  • and many more …

Please join us for a dynamic, internationally recognized and academically supported (UBC credit available) certificate course on the principles and practice of Permaculture Design.  We will guide you to finding practical applications of sustainable design in urban and rural contexts though presentations, interactive design activities, and applied hands-on sessions.

Details and registration can be found at

Please contact the course coordinator, James Richardson, at if you’ve further questions.

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