The MacMillan Basement Project 2017

The MacMillan Basement Project 2017

The MacMillan Agora student space, the heart of student life in the Faculty of Land & Food Systems, requires upgrades to meet student needs.

Our goal this year is to raise an additional $25,000 for us to proceed with phase one of the project this Summer 2017, to replace the furniture and install better lighting in the Agora space. Better furniture and lighting will create a more warm and welcoming space, inviting more individuals to use the space for work and recreation.

Our overall vision includes reconfigurable furniture, a comfortable lounge area, electrical upgrades to provide access to power sources and multimedia ports for presentations and seminars, digital signage, a resource centre, locker to study space conversion, and Agora Café expansion. We appreciate your donations and support for improving this well-used space.

About the LFS Undergraduate Society:

This project is a joint effort led by students from the LFS Undergraduate Society and Agora Café, with support from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Many of the students involved have been with the faculty for many years. We are excited to transform the Agora student space into a home away from home for LFS students, from their first day through to graduation day, and beyond. We are passionate about providing a revitalized space for the next generation of LFS students.

Share and donate on the crowd fundraising link: 

Donate by April 28, 2017.

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