Bird-Friendly Art Competition – deadline May 1, 2017


Bird collisions with urban structures is a global phenomenon that represents the second leading cause of bird mortality, killing an estimated 365 – 998 million birds annually. In response to this, the University of British Columbia (UBC) developed Bird Friendly Design Guidelines for Buildings and is working towards gaining a better understanding of where, when and why bird strikes occur on campus and methods of mitigating these incidents.

To date, there have been five SEEDS Sustainability Program projects documenting bird strikes on campus to date and a recent investigation of bird collision frequencies at UBC indicate that birds frequently collide with window glass on the UBC campus.

This particular project seeks to animate the campus with feather friendly window artwork that tells a narrative about campus bird biodiversity and acts as a bird-strike prevention device. Students will be asked to submit custom graphics to be evaluated by a panel.
The winning graphic will be printed on a special film and adhered to the glass guard rail and glazing outside of the loop.

Sites for feather friendly application indicated in blue.
How does it work?
>Proposals will be accepted from March 27 to May 1;
> The winner will be announced on May 15;
> Fabrication and install will be completed by June 2017. Design will remain installed for 5-10 year period;
> Our graphic designer will reserve the right to make adjustments to the original design.

> UBC undergraduate/graduate students from any discipline are encouraged to apply.
> $400 award for the chosen design;
> Production and installation of design;
> Informational plaque, including artist info, to be displayed with window film.
Judging Criteria
1. Originality;
2. Appropriate content for the site;
3. Relation to the architecture and/or landscape of the space.
Submission Requirements
1. A 200 word artist’s statement;
2. Single PDF with an image of the design at 1:50 and at 1:5 scales;
3. A vector file of the design at 1:1 scale expandable to fit CIRS rail and glazing (see guidelines package below).
Design Constraints
> Use the 2 x 4 inch rule (see guidelines package below) for design elements placement​​ with design element at least 3/8″ wide;
> No gradient transitions, must be solid black and white graphic;
> Design must be original, produced by you or your group
> Bird or wildlife themed designs are welcome, but not required;
> Design could be of one pattern that is repeated or a changing graphic over all window panels.

Download samples and guidelines<>

For more information please visit the website.

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