Excess Meal Dollars

I checked the amount of money left on my meal card today. (To do this, simply ask the person processing your card at the register to check for you.)

I have just under $800 left. If I hadn’t bought my $3-something lunch, it would be just over $800. Unfortunately, I can’t get my money back in cash. I can, however, get it transferred to a UBC Food Services gift card as long as I submit a request in writing by the end of term. I guess I won’t be making lunch next year.

A sign on the door of the office in the Vanier caf told me to go to the UBC Food Services website. There is supposedly a form available for students with excess meal points. Unfortunately, I’m having one of those days when I just can’t find what they’re talking about. Anyone else having any luck?

9th April: One of my friends helped me find it. Here it is, for anyone who is as lost as me: form for transfer of meal points (.pdf file).

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