Is the worst. I’ve been up since 1 am (after sleeping for two hours) because I just can’t fall back to sleep even though my head is throbbing and sleep is all I want right now.

Once upon a time, when I was not living in Vancouver, I could fly over here and switch timezones on the way so that I had absolutely no jetlag when I arrived. This lasted until September of 2008 when I came back for my second year of study and ended up being awake at 2 am, unable to sleep until 5 when I got hungry and got up. I did, however, have a week to adjust. I absolutely refuse to come back to Vancouver more than two days early during the winter break, though — winter break is short enough as it is so I guess I’ll live with the jetlag.

I am going to go discover food. And then I am going to try and go back to bed, before getting back up at 6 am. Last night, when my brother was trying to send my friend back to UBC, we circled around the same ten blocks or so because Translink busses and many cars were either crashing or getting stuck in snow. No idea when the bus will come tomorrow morning and I’ve got to be on campus by 9. My my.

Lesson learned? Please don’t scrimp on snow tyres if you plan on driving through the snow — a car is never meant to be a “saving” or “investment” anyway, so you might as well invest in your own life and safety.

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