Setting a Sleeping Schedule 2.0

As if the universe was actually paying attention to my ramblings for once, it heard me say, ‘I don’t have the willpower to go to bed early,’ and sent an evil bug into my system that knocked me out for most of yesterday.

Oh, right, staying healthy is a good reason to get enough sleep.

It’s my fault, really — in high school, I discovered (through many rounds of trial-and-error) that if I lost out on so much as two nights of good sleep (read: 9 hours), I would be down and out for the week. Since coming to UBC, I’ve managed to go many, many more nights without this happening and was obviously lulled into a false sense of security on the subject of my immune system. Well, no more.

(Of course, I could have just picked something up lately from goodness knows where, but let’s run with the sleep thing for now, ‘kay?)

I’m currently throwing all my responsibilities to the wind and am doing nothing but sleep. This isn’t really hard, since I feel too lousy to do anything else, and have no inclination of dragging this out.

Also boiling down the rules I set for myself in my previous post down to one:

At 6 pm, everything must stop. This includes the laptop and internet.

Advice for things to do instead:

Cook dinner so you can eat at 7 pm, as opposed to, you know, 10 pm. Shower early. Find activities unrelated to the internet and/or computer to do. (There was a time before the internet, you know.) Do not read fiction in the evening — you know you’re incapable of stopping once you start and will just read the whole book in one go, which might be until 3 am. If you’re desperate for something to do, go to bed earlier to get up earlier. Now there’s a novel thought.

But just go to bed at the same time everyday.

I leave you now to go back to sleep, but not before sharing an awesome Nike ad:

Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it. Nike.

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