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Celebrating Halloween

It’s that time of year again when gravestones pop out of the grass in people’s front lawns, bats are suspended across porches, cobwebs dangle precariously around doors and great yellow CAUTION signs are taped across front entrances. Some particularly enthusiastic houses have even acquired a coffin or two!

For people who’ve grown up with Halloween and take these preparations for granted, my giddiness must seem bizaare charming. Of course, when you consider that Halloween was almost non-existent when I grew up in Hong Kong, it’s a lot more understandable. The one and only time I went trick-or-treating, I took the lift up and down our block of flats to knock at each door, but only a few opened up and even fewer gave me candy (not being prepared for this very North American tradition in the middle of Asia). I think I ended up with two handfuls.

But here!

I once saw a tiny Asian girl clutching her pumpkin bag with a very intense expression on her face as she moved her rapid little legs as fast they would carry her over to the next door of magic candy-giving goodness. You could tell how serious this mission was to her, and I thought, ‘That would be me if I were five.’

Being too old for trick-or-treating (sigh), I’ve been looking for various other ways of having fun. A couple that I’m planning on doing this year are:

Visit the Dunbar Haunted House

One of the Marine Drive Residence Advisors told me about the Dunbar Haunted House, a famous haunted house that spends three months setting up for Halloween and is run by over a hundred volunteers. They raised over $67 000 for charity last year. Wait times can apparently go up to an hour and a half but I want to take a look anyway.

Go Trick-or-Eating!

Trick-or-Eat is possibly my favourite Halloween cause. Join a team (or make one with your friends), dress up in your costume of choice and go door-to-door asking for non-perishable food items on Halloween! All food donations go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. I participated with Trick-or-Eat in 2009 and really enjoyed it — people are wonderfully generous with food at this time of year (and a few also gave me candy, so I guess I got my trick-or-treating experience after all!).

(UBC students can just look under Locations/Vancouver/University of British Columbia to join, but you don’t have to be a current student to do this — I’m going with a bunch of my brother’s friends, all of whom are alumni.)

Have you got any other suggestions for Halloween that I might like to check out? Let me know in a comment!

Oh yes, my best friend from home just reminded me that it’s Diwali today. Happy Diwali!

Vancouver Signs and Graffiti

Once in a while, someone comes along and changes your life in ways they never imagine, much less remember. Once upon a time, I met someone who encouraged me to carry my camera around with me wherever I go to capture the small moments and details I want to memorize.

Of course, I forget sometimes, then kick myself when I see something like you are georgeous (sorry mis-spelled) spray-painted across a wall. It would be gone the next time I passed by, too.

Since then, I’ve had more luck photographing the graffiti I’ve liked and have built a small collection of favourites I thought I’d share a part of with you (what else do you do on a rainy day, after all?). See if you know where any of them came from!

never hesitate to love

box squeezing oranges out of itself

you don't have to be alone :)


I'm tired of waiting for the bus - I don't think it's coming, I don't think it's coming

be brave

Now to actually write up an assignment for Co-op.

Have a georgeous Sunday. ♥

Feeling creative? Submit to The Garden Statuary!

The latest excitement in my life was applying to and getting on board the editorial team for The Garden Statuary, a fairly new student-run journal for creative and academic work. Hurray!

I haven’t done this kind of editing in four years (proofreading people’s last-minute papers isn’t quite the same…) and am looking forward to seeing the kind of creative work that students are producing.

Which brings me to my next and very predictable point:

If you are even the least bit interested in submitting your work, please do! You must be a UBC undergraduate at the time of submission, but that’s about the only stipulation. (Oh, and don’t plagiarise. Because we all know how uncool that is.)

We accept academic essays, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, stage/screenplay, artwork, photography, illustrations, and even film and music. For more details on submission length and format, check out The Garden Statuary website. The deadline for the Term 1 issue is Monday, 7th November.

Alternatively, if you would like to sign up for the email list, just fill out a comment with your name and email below (your email won’t be displayed).

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

A completely necessary and important post to say…

Banana pancakes on a Sunday morning are the best thing in the world.

And maple syrup just made them even better.


AMS Minischool

This is the last Saturday night I will spend in the office, I swear. I’ve been saying this for the last four weeks, but the difference now is that I actually don’t have to. No more interviewing, preparation or training weekends until January. Hurray!

Instead, I will spend my time like a good student and actually attend to my studies. I’ll eat and sleep at regular hours and even make a little time to play. It’s really quite exciting.

Speaking of play, now that Rec Shopping Week and Clubs Days are over, the next thing to look at when asking, ‘What (else) can I do at UBC?’ is, of course, the AMS Minischool! Offering a range of non-academic classes such as wine tasting, pole dancing, sign language, guitar, magic, crochet, and First Aid and CPR, it’s pretty safe to say that there are enough courses to cater to many different people. Check it out if you’re still looking for something new to do this term.

I’ve already signed up for one course and am trying to control my urges to join another. The Chocolate 101 class looks so yummy…