Language Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference

The 2nd annual Language Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference (LSURC) is set to take place at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on January 19 – 20, 2018! Everyone is welcome to attend and entry is free of charge.

Thank you everyone for attending LSURC 2018! Here are our award winners:

Best Oral Presentation Award:

  • Lydia Rhi: Perception Study of Strong and Weak Imperatives in English
  • Dimitri Prica: “No” she said, nodding: Is there a multimodal advantage in cognitive control tasks?

Best Poster Presentation Award:

  • Erin Stadnyk: The Role of Co-verbal Facial Gestures in Speech Segmentation and the Acqusition of Word Order

If you’d like to take a few minutes to give us some feedback on LSURC 2018, please fill out our short online Feedback Survey. Most of the form is entirely optional, so you can choose to just respond to the sections where you’d like to offer your feedback. Thank you for your help in making next year’s LSURC even better!

LSURC 2018’s Plenary Session:

  • Dr. Molly Babel (Dept. of Linguistics)
  • Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies)
  • Dr. Neda Todorovic (Dept. of Linguistics)

The theme for our invited speakers for this year will be on Language as an insight into human nature: 

The studies of language span diverse fields but are united by the common theme that human language provides unique insight into how we come to understand human nature. Language is cognitive and cultural, internal and external, personal and social; the diversity of approaches taken in studying language enriches our understanding of who we are. How can the perspective of your field enrich our understanding of language, as a uniquely human phenomenon?

LSURC 2017’s Invited Speakers:

  • Dr. Bryan Gick (Dept. of Linguistics): Simulating Talking Bodies
  • Dr. Bonny Norton (Dept. of Language & Literacy Education): Digital Storytelling and Social Change in Classrooms and Communities
  • Dr. Janet Werker (Dept. of Psychology)Language Acquisition: First Steps in Infancy