Past Conferences


LSURC 2019

Thank you everyone for attending LSURC 2019!

Best Oral Presentation Award:

  • Yurika Aonuki: Phonology of Adjective Intensification in American Sign Language

Best Poster Presentation Award: 

  • Gracellia Purnomo: Biomechanical Constraints on Signed Languages: Repetitive Motion in Two-Handed Alternating Signs

LSURC 2019’s Plenary Session:

  • Oksana Tkachman (ABD) (UBC Dept. of Linguistics) How structure emerges in young languages: Insights from novel compounding in Israeli Sign Language and Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language
  • Dr. Stefka Marinova-Todd (UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences) Where there’s a will, there’s a way: The Role of Motivation in Learning Languages
  • Dr. Ryan C. Taylor (UBC Dept. of Linguistics) Simulated faces don’t perfectly represent the real speech that underlies them: how perceivers deal with imperfect information

The theme for our invited speakers for 2019 was #global:

We believe language is unique in that it both unites and diversifies the human race. Though there are innate ramifications due to language, affecting linguistic communities socially and politically, we acknowledge and stress the importance of sharing and gaining knowledge of language and communication through research. In celebrating these differences, we aim achieve to a better understanding of this intrinsic gift, through ourselves and others. Additionally, in an age where digitization and technology are rapidly advancing, our ability to communicate has been transformed to be both more efficient and widely accessible.


Program Schedule: LSURC 2019 Program Schedule-4
Conference Program + Abstracts: LSURC2019 Program Booklet

LSURC 2018

Best Oral Presentation Award:

  • Lydia Rhi: Perception Study of Strong and Weak Imperatives in English
  • Dimitri Prica: “No” she said, nodding: Is there a multimodal advantage in cognitive control tasks?

Best Poster Presentation Award:

  • Erin Stadnyk: The Role of Co-verbal Facial Gestures in Speech Segmentation and the Acqusition of Word Order

LSURC 2018’s Plenary Session:

  • Dr. Molly Babel (UBC Dept. of Linguistics) Guess Who? The Language Familiarity Effect at UBC
  • Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed (UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies) Project Dialect: Deep Learning for Language Variation
  • Dr. Neda Todorovic (UBC Dept. of Linguistics) How Do Languages Semantically Compensate for a Syntactic “loss”: The Case of Tense Phrase

The theme for our invited speakers for 2018 was Language as an insight into human nature: 

The studies of language span diverse fields but are united by the common theme that human language provides unique insight into how we come to understand human nature. Language is cognitive and cultural, internal and external, personal and social; the diversity of approaches taken in studying language enriches our understanding of who we are. How can the perspective of your field enrich our understanding of language, as a uniquely human phenomenon?


Program Schedule:  LSURC 2018 Program Schedule (PDF)

Conference Program + Abstracts:  LSURC 2018 Conference Program (PDF)

LSURC 2017s Plenary Session:

  • Dr. Bryan Gick (UBC Dept. of Linguistics): Simulating Talking Bodies
  • Dr. Bonny Norton (UBC Dept. of Language & Literacy Education): Digital Storytelling and Social Change in Classrooms and Communities
  • Dr. Janet Werker (UBC Dept. of Psychology)Language Acquisition: First Steps in Infancy