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#026: Rousseau, Tricot Machine, and other randoms

November 16th, 2008 by Mary Leong

Currently listening to: “Pas fait en chocolat” – Tricot Machine

So, the Rousseau essay for Arts One is still in progress. Five hundred-ish more words to go! Listening to delightful French ditties while drumming out paragraphs on inequality is quite entertaining but time-consuming. Ah well, at least the Discourse on Inequality was easy and enjoyable enough to read. These essays may be hell to write (or maybe I’m just a procrastinator), but at the end of it all, a rather lovely wave of satisfaction washes over as I beam down at the neatly printed, paper-clipped sheafs of paper. Lovely.

In other news, Tricot Machine is my new music obsession.

I’ve been listening to their debut album – it’s never really struck a chord with me before, but the more I listen to it, the better it gets. Take a listen to “Pas fait en chocolat” and the super-adorable “L’ours”. Their music videos are absolutely delightful- whimsy abounds! Dripping with eclectic goodness! Lomography-inspired! You don’t see videos like that every day.

And since I’m constantly playing word association in my mind. On the topic of music, does anyone have any entertaining British rap to recommend? It never fails to make me chuckle. Oh witty Brit-rap, how I adore thee.

More one-liners:
– cannot believe that first semester is almost over, and finals are upon us! Le gasp.
– needs to buy Virginia Woolfe’s Orlando
– is 1/7th to goal to fund next year’s cross-North America trip and pay next year’s rent
– needs wellies! Splish splash.
– Christmas drinks at Starbucks! Now I feel guilty.

Ta for now, me lads and lasses.

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