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March 12th, 2010 by Mary Leong

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Undergraduate Society Elections start at 8 am tomorrow! If you’re in Arts, Science, Engineering, or HKIN, exercise your democratic rights and vote at ubcvotes.ca!

This time round, I’m running to be your AUS VP External.

rock the bureaucracy

You’ve read my blog; you know what I’m like inside and out, quirks and oddities all-encompassing. You know I like tea and baking, play random musical instruments, and I’m a total Stiglitz and Zimbardo fangirl. BUT here’s why you should vote for me.

I’m running on a financially sustainable and sensible platform encouraging student participation in the Faculty of Arts through branding and marketing, and increased inter-faculty engagement. For a more detailed platform, check out maryleong.ca and feel free to email me with any questions.

And if it’s any encouragement, voting gets you free entrance into all the amazing events the fantastic Elections Committee have organized! So yes- make your undergraduate society TRULY yours by voting and taking a stake in its growth and development!

I leave you with a link to a Youtube video, as WordPress is still not working for me.

Those nine people will tell nine people
Then we’ll have eighteen people loving the show
Then eighteen people could grow into
Five-hundred and twenty-five-thousand, six-hundred people
Loving our show
Nine People’s Favourite Thing


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