Learning Objects: Brian’s Blog

Like I’m going to even try and do anything in this “Learning Objects” category!

The best place..
(OK, I’m biaised, I work for the guy… wait, I think he works for me…

I know to look for information on Learning Objects, particularly here at UBC, is to take a trip to Brian Lamb’s Learning Object universe:

LO’s @ UBC:
Look at the links.. pretty cool…

Brian’s personal (is there really such a thing?) blog, Object Learning is another great place…


Brian’s universe is hosted on hallowed electronic ground…
David Wiley’s world (autounfocus):

At some point in time (please note, I am a geologist so my time sense is somewhat skewed), I will add an RSS feed for Brian’s site here.

More someday…

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  1. Carlos Araya says:

    Thanks for the info… sounds really interesting

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