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Open Source Article

Refered to me by Ted Dodds, AVP for IT at UBC — The Aug 1 edition of the The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the Open Source Movement: The Chronicle: 8/1/2003: Sharing the Code The article highlights … Continue reading

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Geology Labs Online

Thanks to the posting in today’s Distance Educator Daily News, I was drawn back to one of my favorite sites… at Earth and Environmental Courseware. I used the first version of the “Virtual Earthquake” site when I was teaching intro … Continue reading

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TA stuff

TA Web Template information page

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Roving Bands of Faculty Members…

One of the major highlights of the e-Strategy Town Hall this year was Richard Katz’ keynote (The Adaptive Academy) – with its memorable reference to the Agrarian Era — where educational opportunities were provided by “Roving Bands of Faculty Members” … Continue reading

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UPortal – “Beginners Guide to uPortal”

Just ran across a relatively new (July 4, 2003 — published in the UK) Beginners Guide to uPortal.Looks quite interesting and easy to read. Authors are: Lee Chamberlain, Margaret Nah Juahkah, and Robert Sherratt of The University of Hull. The … Continue reading

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e-Portfolios and Mutts… nice combo…

Mutts has GOT to be one of my favorite comics. The strip that appeared on June 23, is excellent… Sums up e-Portfolios, eh?

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Shibboleth 1.0 Released

The Shibboleth Project – Internet2 Middleware has released the first production version of Shibboleth — (cool name, eh?).This project is.. “..developing architectures, policy structures, practical technologies, and an open source implementation to support inter-institutional sharing of web resources subject to … Continue reading

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If your Favorites folder in Explorer is anything like mine.. it is a treasure trove of information, guarded forever from discovery by its random (and that is a kind description of mine) organization. Once again, Mr. Alan Levine, Blogmeister extraordinaire, … Continue reading

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Dialogue Journaling

Another techique that Barbara Cambridge showed us, that really helped us understand that e-Portfolios are not, contrary to what I thought before the workshop, a solitary effort, but fundamentally social: dialogue journaling. A good set of links related to Dialogue … Continue reading

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When Barbara Cambridge, VP of the AAHE visited us this past spring, she introduced us to a couple of techniques that helped us understand e-Portfolios better. One of these is cubing: a writing technique that steps a persone through looking … Continue reading

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