If your Favorites folder in Explorer is anything like mine.. it is a treasure trove of information, guarded forever from discovery by its random (and that is a kind description of mine) organization.

Once again, Mr. Alan Levine, Blogmeister extraordinaire, to the rescue with Blogshop…If you have not had a chance to check out Blogshop, a workshop on creating Moveable Type Blogs (MT, for those in the know), and you are a new blogger (me, I don’t even qualify as new, just struggling).. do it!

You may save your friends a lot of questions (too late for mine, sorry Brian and Jim…)

One of the coolest gems in the workshop is the information on bookmarklets, Blogging with the MT Bookmarklet. As Alan explains in the posting, a Bookmarket essentially allows one click access for posting to your weblog. Once set up, your blog is available from either a right click, or the dreaded favorites menu (aaaaaahhhhh!!!).

Now all I have to figure out is, do I set up a “Favorites Blog”, or …?

Strangely enough, there is an article by Greg Notess on Bookmarklets on the Infoworld site. This site points out the distinction between Bookmarks, Bookmarklets and other such things… and how to use them.

The world appears to be unfolding randomly as it should….

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