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Nice Flash example – American Sign Language

From Tom King’s weblog comes a link to a sweet Mobile Learning Example – ” a mobilized study aid for American Sign Language“. Think I need to let my Mobile Muse colleagues know about this one!

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Reusability Considerations

The Storyboarding editorial linked earlier reminded me of a site that Brian pointed me a while back – The Reusable Learning- Reusable Design Guidelines section outlines five considerations for design (context, pedagogy, structure, content, presentation) . I’m increasingly convinced … Continue reading

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Storyboarding for Reusable Content

From ADL, a nice succinct article/editorial (authored by Megan Beyer) containing a set of considerations when designing content for re-use: Storyboarding For Reusable Content.

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Opera and Voice-Enabled Technologies

I’m just bookmarking this… unmediated: Opera launches voice-enabled EPG I’m interested in the whole concept of how we can start to incorporate voice into technologies. Voice to text in particular interests me…. There are a few things in this post … Continue reading

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Electronic Vote Systems – Good Overview

Steve Draper of Glasgow University provides a good overview and a set of good resource links for Electronic Voting Systems and interactive lectures. He has very good short and long overviews of the teaching and leanring benefits of this suite … Continue reading

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Journal

We have a new institute for the scholarship of teaching and learning here at UBC (see I saw a link to MountainRise, an electronic journal designed to publish this type of research on the EduResources Weblog–Higher Education Resources Online … Continue reading

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University -Business Agreements – UK

BBC NEWS | Education | University-business links boosted The Model agreement s are shown at:

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HSDPA – high speed mobile wireless

Via Techno-NewsBlog.. Bookmarked for later viewing… An explanation and look at the latest in high speed mobile access… InfoWorld: HSDPA is a mouthful for speed: February 16, 2005: By : NETWORKING : TELECOM : WIRELESS From the 3GSM World Congress. … Continue reading

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Tsunami Account

This will also be posted on Rock Blog… From Andrew Alden’s Geology site comes a link to a personal account of the tsunami by Chris Chapman, scientific advisor at Schlumberger Cambridge Research. The Asian Tsunami in Sri Lanka: A … Continue reading

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Draw Plugin for Twiki | FreeMind

I’m just bookmarking this for now. Seems like a pretty interesting concept. Wikis are such powerful tools for brainstorming, collecting resources collaboratively etc. Adding this kind of functionality would be pretty interesting for doing concept maps, etc. I wonder … Continue reading

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