Draw Plugin for Twiki | FreeMind

I’m just bookmarking this for now. Seems like a pretty interesting concept. http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/TWikiDrawPlugin.

Wikis are such powerful tools for brainstorming, collecting resources collaboratively etc. Adding this kind of functionality would be pretty interesting for doing concept maps, etc.

I wonder if other wikis can have this type of capability?


I found the twiki link by following resources on the home page of another intriguing looking piece of software — FreeMind. FreeMind is an Open Source “Mind Mapping” piece of software. I played with MindMapper a few years back and really liked it. Not sure why I did not keep using it…

I think I’ll try this one.

I do like all of the complementary information at this site — comparisons with other pieces of software, types of uses, etc..

I noticed the reference to using the tool as an outliner. I’ll need to tell Cyprien about that — he has in interest in these types of tools…

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