Centre for Recording Achievement (UK)

This link came via the Electronic Portfolio Virtual Community of Practice List:

the UK based Centre for Recording Achievement.

This UK organization is deeply involved in the details of how one makes a concrete record of learning available to the student – in my mind, a key piece of the puzzle to enabling a learner/learning centred environment.

>From their site:
“…The Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) is a national network organisation which supports good practice and the sharing of experience in Recording Achievement, Personal Development Planning and Progress Files within educational institutions and professional bodies”

It looks like they are very involved in standards development work, particularly that which related to the IMS LIP.

I found the PPT presentation, IMS LIP specification & PDP really interesting, particularly slides 21 – 27, where they dive into the nitty gritty spec elements that need to be addressed. Slide 22 certainly caught my attention – – if LIP 1.0 does not accomodate personal statements, reflective writing, and journal entries, then that is a serious gap and needs to be addressed. One of the key reasons we are investigating e-Portfolios is to encourage reflective practice….

They have certainly thought through quite a bit of this! Cool! Looks like I need to spend more time here.

They point to a recently published research study delving into “The effectiveness of personal development planning for improving student learning“, which looks like a comprehensive review of the subject. This looks to be quite a valuable resource…

Nice way to start a Monday…

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