Merlot Blog-o-rama

Holy Toledo….

I can’t feel more guilty than now..

Seeing Alan’s and Brian’s blogging at the Merlot conference… among many others…

I feel guilty for not doing a play by play of a Merlot talk…I simply sat in talks and enjoyed them. Then again, I was always a really lousy note-taker….

Ask any one of my former professors who was sleeping in the front row…
and my name was likely to come up.

As a matter of fact, I remember a first year geology course at BU where the professor began the year by informing us that those “who came to class, took notes, and paid attention” would do well in the course.

Fast forward to the midterm, where, well ..

Lets just say, I did well….

Stunning the instructor, who noted…

… as I indicated at the beginning of the course, those who came to class and paid attention did well. Then again, there are those who didn’t come to class and didn’t pay attention, and still did well, and I don’t understand it !

–> looking pointedly at me…

I was a challenge as an undergrad, I have to admit… not sure that that has really changed, it has simply morphed a bit …. ask Brian

Anyway… back to the subject at hand… blogging at Merlot…

I do feel guilty for not taking massive notes… but that has never been my fort

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  1. No worries, Lora! That’s the point of sharing this stuff – not everyone has to take note etc…

    See you at the next Beer with Bloggers!

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