Best Reads for Student Assistants?

We’re coming down from the beginning of the year madness… to a certain extent…

But we have some very nice projects starting up, and several new students starting to work with us at the Office of Learning Technology. Be curious if anyone has some good links to resources for students that are just getting into this field?

  • Good learning technology overview articles to read? I’m going to start with:
  • Good “learn it yourself” resource sites for web publishing, graphics, and writing? When I was at UBC in the mid-90’s I used the “learning HTML” tutorial at Maricopa …
    –> Alan, you have no idea the number of students at UBC that learned HTML through the “Learning HTML site — how is that redesign coming < grin >?

  • a good “technology primer ” that describes the campus IT architecture? I’m looking to make sure that we can easily describe the architecture pieces…

Anyway… just curious about what types of things aother people are doing!

If you have any ideas or resource links…. I’d love to hear ’em!

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