Friends… such an excellent line

From Joey to the starry-eyed paleontologist (puh-leeze, autographs???? for ROSS???)..

You don’t have a TV? What does all your furniture point to ???
(… confused look…)

Oh, no… I can relate!As I watch all of these home reno shows, and ask — um… where does the TV sit? Like, why have you placed the speakers behind the couch????


Of course, I have just bought my first pair of glasses. Sigh…. age. Getting better (and more far-sighted…) every day…..

OK… I also laughed at the reference to the “heads are already too big, which is ironic considering…”

Old, getting blind, and a geo-geek.


Not only that… PLEASE… I BEG YOU… stop mentioning Carbon 14 dating and dinosaur ages together… Ross… if you really have a PhD in geology, STOP THAT! You are embarassing us all.

Michelle, he is not real. Cheez… its not like he’s Picard!

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