Re-usable Learning objects competition — from Singapore

Via Ray Schroeder’s Online Learning Update comes this link to an article describing some of the community engagement efforts of the E-Learning Competency Centrein Singapore.

Computerworld Singapore – Vol. 10 Issue No. 8, 26 November – 2 December 2003 – Promoting e-learning standards through RLOs

The Learning Objects themselves are quite stunning ..

The range is impressive – Ideal Gas Lab object, Time Management, Respitory System, organising a story…


Well worth the time checking it out…

While you are there, definitely spend some time at the E-Learning Competency Centre site…. I think all of us struggle with how we engage our respective communities in LO efforts, and there is certainly a motherload of ideas here!

Definitely check out the presentation by Kau Poh Moi (alacarte ELEARNING Pte Ltd) from the the E-learning Practitioners’ Forum 5, “The mouse, keyboard, neurons, and grey matter”, described as follows on the site:

“…a sharing session on what to bear in mind when designing strategies for engaging the learner. She also included examples during her presentation which can be found in her slides.”

She weaves the voice of what I believe are some workshop or forum (?) participants into the presentation, while providing her own thoughts, the words/ideas of some well known people in the field, and excellent resource links…

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