Assessment Guide: Australian VET Sector

Via Online Learning Update comes a link to Assessment and Online Teaching – Australian Flexible Learning Quick Guide Series.The Guide:

“… looks at the nature of assessment in a changed (and changing) Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) context, and considerations and issues for online teaching. Specifically this Guide looks at why the topic of online assessment is important, key research projects that are looking at online assessment in the VET context, current uses of online assessment, issues such as validity, reliability, fairness, and flexibility (including the hot topic of plagiarism), current barriers to the use of online mediums for assessment, and the impact on selection of assessment strategies and assessment management processes.

A little further digging on that site, and wow! What a nice set of guides! Although the context is Australian, so not everything applies, the resources comprise a veritable learning technology short course…

Guides list

  • Developing e-learning content
  • Privacy issues in online teaching and learning
  • What are the conditions for and characteristics of effective online learning
  • communities?
  • Approaches to Change Management for Flexible Learning
  • Australian Statistical Resources to Inform Flexible Learning
  • Definition of key terms used in e-learning
  • Effective Online Facilitation
  • Cross-cultural Issues in Content Development and Teaching Online
  • Globalisation/Internationalisation of Online Content and Teaching
  • Success Factors for Collaborative Development of Content to Support Online Learning
  • What is Interoperability and Why is it Important?
  • What is Universal Design and How Can it be Implemented?
  • Flexibility through online learning: At a glance

More fun reading!

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