Paper on LMS & Libraries

Martha Whitehead, the Head of our Library’s Information Services Unit and a new weblogger on the UBC scene, has put forward a short paper called “Connecting Learning Management Systems and Libraries: Issues and Progress“, posted through her weblog “Libraries and Learning”.In this paper, she investigates the strides that have been made over the past few years with achieving seamless integration between LMS’s and library systems. Topics include connecting to digital content, Virtual Reference, Information Literacy…

She concludes that there has been significant progress on the technical front, and encourages us to tackle the more pressing issue – the challenges inherent in crossing organizational boundaries within our institutions. I can’t be more in agreement with that. I really see that we have some exciting work ahead on that front.

Her posting seemed to set off a small firestorm with the whole idea of weblogs as online publishing venues as well… webloggers will find this of interest I think.. linked through, Martha’s Weblog Dialogue check out Steven Cohen’s Library Stuff.

Do not stop with her Libraries and LMS posting. Libraries and Learningis a treasure trove of information and resources.

This weblog, in her words..

The aim of this weblog is to help academic information specialists keep up with developments in information and communications technologies as they relate to libraries and learning, and more generally with trends in higher education.

This isn’t a general tech watch. Instead, it focuses on developments that relate to a growing service convergence in digital libraries (in the broadest sense of the term) and learning technologies. Those developments might not even be technical, but could relate to information policy, learning theory, etc.

Gosh… so much to read! And it is exciting to have another weblogger here at UBC!

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