Plone releases eduplone products

Well.. I see that Plone has made a suite of eduplone products publicly available

The products include:

A ZIP-Exporter for Zope/Plone content. You can export every folder or folderish object that has a manage_FTPget method. And a content object should have this method anyway.

Content Types based on CMFPloneTypes. They have additional webdidactics key words. EduploneFolders and EduploneEnvironments are exportable as IMS-ContentPackages. A mix-in class enables your Archetype-based content to be IMS exportable.

A course as an activity based workflow between a tutor and a learner on top of CMFOpenFlow (Reflow).

[From the readme file] – The Learning Sequence is a simple IMS-Learning Design Level A aware workflow.

More info at the eduplone site . Now I wish I had taken German instead of Spanish in high school!

These products provide an interesting added functionality on top of this open source CMS. Not sure I would roll this out to mainstream faculty, but looks like an area to pursue as a means of developing open source content. I’m sure Scott Leslie will have a better take on this than I…


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