Through The Web (TTW) authoring tools

I’ve been doing a bit of research into a different flavour of CMS lately — Content Management Systems — (matter of fact we are playing with Plone now)…

and ran across the work of another [mildly] reformed geo-colleague, Paul Browning, of the University of Bristol. Through JISC, he has just posted a nice summary document focused on Through The Web (TTW) authoring tools. The report

“…is restricted in scope to the most common desktop computer platforms and to the most common browsers which are still under active development. The TTW solutions are illustrated using freely available open source software as the server-side component. Links to other technologies and standards such as
WebDAV, XSLT, Open and Web Services are discussed. Lists of both open source and commercial TTW products are provided.”

Quick read indicates that this will be useful for me (the newbie) and my information architect as we tackle how best to make Plone easier to work with for members of our community.

Looks like I owe you another set of beer mugs, Paul!

Something to dig into over the holidays… or perhaps, just after .

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