Blog Feature List brainstorm

My buddy Paul has started to look seriously at blogs…

He has developed out an interesting Blog feature list….

Harkens back to to the Edtech list discussion on weblogs .. particularly the “matrix

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2 Responses to Blog Feature List brainstorm

  1. Scott Leslie says:

    This is interesting. Three things that I think should be made more explicit on his mind map (but that are likely covered under the glom of ‘metadata’) are

    – the ability to categorize posts, at very least like in MoveableType but ideally with more robust taxonomy structures
    – Unique IDs for posts (permalinks, I guess, but moreso the ability for other blog clients to recognize and act on the unique ID that they are referring to)
    – easily extensible structured postings (e.g. reviews, LOs) and the ability to publish and recognize the schema being used, so that the social network being established through blogs can be extended to distribute other kinds of ‘things’ besides ‘posts’

  2. Dave Lee says:

    My first reaction was “not another scary chart!!!!” It seems our field is fascinated with incredibly complicated representations of everything that falls under our ever expanding umbrella. But that’s a rant for another time.

    I stumbled upon a nice rubric that was developed by a graduate class at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey as their class project in which the analyzed blogs. Check it out at The details can be found by going to the site, but the key elements they looked for were:

    blog roll
    inbound links
    audience analysis

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