Chemistry Tools, CMU

Via Online Learning update for this link to the press release about a new web site and toolset for chemistry educators: Internet-based tools could bridge gap in chemistry education, reports Carnegie Mellon Univ.. DAvid Yaron of Carnegie Mellon has spearheaded the development of the website, ChemCollective.

In their words:

The Chemistry Collective began with the IrYdium Project’s Virtual Lab in 2000, which provides a flexible simulation so that instructors may use it for a great variety of student activities. The project evolved to create scenario-based learning activities designed to provide interactive, engaging materials that link chemistry concepts to the real world.

It was nice to see the link to the UBC’s Virtual Chem Lab project on the site.

If you know anyone that teaches any kind of chemistry — the resources here are excellent — With my geo-hat on, I can see a lot of use for these resources as well… I’ll be sending a number of e-mails today to let people know… (yes, some people still use e-mail… so odd when there is RSS… )

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