Vancouver Python Conference, Jul 31-Aug 2

One of my colleagues called attention to the upcoming Python conference in Vancouver, July 31-August 2…

Vancouver Python Workshop Homepage

Though Python is not my language (well, I really don’t program..)

…. it is becoming increasingly important for our community efforts — > we will be looking to migrate out e-learning web site ( to a Plone backend… thus the python!

They did extend the deadline for submissions…

Prices are very very reasonable..

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  1. Bruce Landon says:

    The pythoncard application builder was demonstrated that the workshop by Kenvin Altis as a crossplatform desktop applications builder. I think that it can be very useful for standalone sharable content objects. There are several of the sample applications that are educational. I am developing the chat application into a group turing test learning object. Because they are standalone these will be more portable over time than flash because the learning objects are not dependent on a player.

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