The Living Edens

The Living Edens. Resource site assoicated with PBS’ series “The Living Edens”.

For each of the 12 geographic locations, a set of associated Teachers Resources are included — and they are extensive! I looked at a few of them — I need to go back. The project for Glacier Bay is pretty amazing – intended for 5-10 50 minute sessions, grades 4-8. The lesson plan is very detailed, with linked web resources, an assessment strategy (portfolio based), ties to national Standards….. wow!

“… This study guide appoints students as park rangers. As students role-play Glacier Bay Park Rangers, they become acquainted with the career of a park ranger; and they also experience Glacier Bay as a laboratory for observing, studying, and appreciating this paradise of ocean and ice and its inhabitants. “

Well done….The site includes profiles of the following sites:

Glacier Bay – Alaska’s Wild Coast
Kakadu – Australia’s Ancient Wilderness
Kamchatka – Siberia’s Forbidden Wilderness
Madagascar – A World Apart
Manu – Peru’s Hidden Rainforest
Namib – Africa’s Burning Shore
Ngorongoro – Africa’s Cradle of Life
Palau – Paradise of the Pacific
Patagonia – Life at the End of the Earth
South Georgia Island – Paradise of Ice
Thailand – Jewel of the Orient
Yellowstone – America’s Sacred Wilderness

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