Cycles: African Life through Art (CS Monitor)

From CS Monitor comes a good website review, and a link to a stunning online exhibit from Indianapolis Museum of Art titled, “Cycles: African Life Through Art”..

One interesting aspect of this online exhibit is outlined by CS Monitor author Jim Regan:

Hosted by the Indianapolis Museum of Art (and a practical example of the advantages of Web companions for physical exhibits), Cycles remains accessible while the corporeal museum awaits the construction of a new home.

Regan provides a comprehensive overview of the site that I won’t repeat….

Two things struck me about their website:

1) On the main site, note the link to “Teacher Resources”. I like how they link the site content to the US K-12 educational standards.

2) I wonder if the flash templates are availble for others to use (template learning object) as it is a beautiful example. I particularly like the zoom capability on the photos.

Well worth a visit!

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  1. Phil Rees says:

    A free Flash image zooming application is available from

    I don’t know whether this is the same one used in the Cycles exhibit, but it does look very similar.

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